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FINAL FIVE: See What Each Special Council Candidate Tweeted After Winning The First Round Of Voting

ApeCoin DAO contributors made their voices heard last night as they selected five Special Council nominees to proceed to the DAO’s next round of $Ape voting.

After three weeks on non-stop campaigning and debate, the results are in and the ApeCoin community has selected CapetainTrippy, ThreadGuy, KarmaPocket, Swickie, and Waabam to be its Special Council candidates this summer!

Take a look at what each candidate tweeted after the polls closed last night:


“Final results of Round 1 are in,” CapetainTrippy tweeted. “Next round is ALL OR NOTHING, on your votes. No split voting. Only 2 are elected. Starts tomorrow, Thursday 9pm est. Let’s do this! Thank you to all that voted for me in round 1 and congrats to @notthreadguy , @karmapocket , @byswickie and @Waabam_eth!”


“Jobs not finished,” ThreadGuy tweeted. “I’ve bet on myself every step of the way and it got me here I hear all the noise, the comments, the push back There’s nothing you could tell me that I haven’t already heard I’m my biggest critic but also believe in myself on a level you couldn’t comprehend, respectfully I’m here, I’m going for it all, and I’m not gonna stop, ever. Like me, hate me, disagree with me, I’m still going to be here tomorrow Just know if I go down I’m going down swinging. Talk soon.”


“Won ApeCoin special council election Round 1 Thank you those voted for me Congrats to all 9 other candidates entered round 2 of SC and Steward elections @CapetainTrippy, @byswickie, @notthreadguy, @Waabam_eth, @tigerisfine, @AllCityBAYC, @0xSword,@SSPnft, @NFTSasha.”


“From the bottom of my heart: Thank you to those who voted for me,” Swickie tweeted. “I hope to make you proud in Round 2 with the Final 5. ONWARD.”


“Congrats to the other candidates,” Waabam tweeted. “Election season is great for the DAO. Looking forward to round 2.”

The window to vote in the second round of the DAO's Special Council election opens tonight at 9 P.M. EST and ApeCoin holders will have until next Wednesday, June 28th at 9 P.M. EST, to cast their coins for their preferred candidate,

Remember, unlike the DAO’s first round of voting, this round is single choice. This means that $Ape holders will only be able to cast their coins for one candidate per wallet.

The Bored Ape Gazette will be bringing you complete coverage of this week’s election and is working to talk to every candidate. Stay tuned for updates.

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