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FOR ALL APEKIND: Applied Primate Engineering Teased Its 3 Fuck It Saturday Merch Items! Check It Out

As the Yugaverse prepares for a night of debauchery and celebration the scientists at Applied Primate Engineering revealed their radioactive ‘Fuck It Saturday’ merch that’s perfect for all ApeKind!

Applied Primate Engineering, an expanded Yugaverse project that telling the tale of six of the Mega Mutant Apes and is looking to be the Marvel Studios to Yuga Labs’ Disney, took to Twitter on Saturday and gave the community a sneak peek at the project’s three Fuck It Saturday Merch items!

Applied Primate Engineering’s insane eyeball water bottle and Fuck It Saturday Hoodie will be available for purchase at tonight’s event and online until August 30th for $25 and $75 respectively, according to the project. While those two items will be available at the event and online, the radioactive t-shirt featuring Dr. Abbott Gibbons AKA RadioactiveMega will only be available at Fuck It Saturday tonight!

Apes who cannot attend tonight's event can purchase the hoodie and water bottle online here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will be at Fuck It Saturday tonight and will be bringing you live updates from the event throughout the night. Stay tuned for updates!

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