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Four Questions With Maaria Bajwa On Her Proposal, AIP-89 Titled "Improved Delegation Experience”

An Ape Improvement Proposal is on the ballot this week at the ApeCoin DAO that seeks to make it easier for $Ape holders to participate in the DAO process.

AIP-89 titled “Improved Delegation Experience” is a process AIP that was submitted by ApeCoin Board Member Maaria bajwa.

Bajwa’s goal with AIP-89 is to make it easier for $Ape holders to delegate their votes and for active DAO contributors to apply to be delegates for their peers.

“Many $APE holders don’t have the time to participate in governance and would prefer to delegate their votes to a peer,” Bajwa wrote. “The current Snapshot delegation system is opaque and unhelpful because users need to know the wallet address of the delegate, and there is no easy way to identify how the delegates will govern.”

To make it easier for $Ape holders to delegate their votes to another user, Bajwa proposed the DAO create a dedicated system for delegation.

“Delegates will answer a few basic questions about how they would govern, and delegators will be able to filter and search through their responses to find a delegate aligned with their interests,” Bajwa wrote.

Bajwa estimates that this new delegation system will take up to 12 weeks to create and cost up to $150,000 USD. Bajwa will act as a Project Manager for this AIP and will not be paid, according to her proposal.

The Bored Ape Gazette spoke with Bajwa and asked her some questions about her AIP and DAO vote delegation. Take a look at the Gazette’s full interview below:

1:What made you want to create this AIP?

“The current delegation system occurs on Snapshot and is not intuitive. Holders have to know the wallet address for who they want to delegate to, and there's no system in place for APE holders to discover potential delegates. A new UX where delegates are easily discoverable + the UI is very easy to delegate, will likely lead to a lot more delegating of tokens.”

2: Why is delegation important for a DAO?

“Not every APE holder has the time or energy to dedicate towards governance. These holders should still have their voices heard though. Delegation lets these holders select a representative who is aligned with their interests, to vote as their proxy in the DAO.”

3: What kind of impact will this AIP have on the DAO after it’s passed?

“I hope we'll see more delegating, and subsequently more votes per AIP.”

4: How do you think a revamped delegation process will improve the DAO going forward?

“Delegating levels the playing field for everyone. Holders who don't own enough APE to have a meaningful impact on votes, but who are actively involved and participating in the DAO, now have a way to get more voting power.”

At the time of this article’s publication, AIP-89 is currently supported by 99.72% of $Ape holders who have voted.

The window to vote on AIP-89 closes September 14th at 9:00 P.M. EST. The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this AIP and will let you know the final results!

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