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FREE CLAIM: BAYC Members& Meebits Can Claim a Free Dr. Bomkus Pass For The Sandbox's New Game!

The trials and tribulations of Dr. Bomkus are set to begin tomorrow in the Sandbox metaverse and Bored Ape Yacht Club Members and Meebits holders are welcomed to claim a free pass, play along, and possibly win some digital prizes!

Adventure awaits in the voxel world of the Sandbox this week, and members of the Yugaverse are welcome to claim and compete in the six trails of Dr. Bomkus, who is described as 'a master of deception and intrigue,' and possibly win rare in-game crystals that can be burned for ‘highly valuable NFTs’ or $Sand tokens.

“Dr. Bomkus needs your help, the Sandbox wrote. “In his MetaLab, he has devised revolutionary features to enhance the Sandbox Metaverse, but something has gone awry. Now, he seeks six crystals to help power his machine. Compete in his trials designed to find the best players by testing their skills. These six new experiences, complete with time trials and leaderboards, will open week by week. While everyone can explore the Bomkus Trials, only those with a Bomkus Pass will be able to participate in the leaderboards.”

Check out each season’s reward structure below:

Apes and Meebits who are interested in participating in the Trials of Dr. Bomkus can claim their pass here:

The Trials of Dr. Bomkus are set to begin tomorrow. The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Sandbox and will let you know who wins the top prizes! Stay tuned for updates!

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