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FROM APE TO ANIMATOR: Bored Ape Yacht Club Members Build And Vibe After Yuga Labs Releases the Primates 3D Files

In the day since Yuga Labs dropped the Bored Ape Yacht Club members' 3D files, Apes have become animators, filling the timeline with art and vibes!

Things have been anything but boring around the swamp today as Apes learned about Blender, downloaded their primates’ 3D files, and aped into the world of animation!

“The @BoredApeYC was a PSYOP to teach degens 3D Animation,” BAYC member PaperDStudio joked.

As more and more Apes begin to learn how to animate their PFPs, the BAYC released a new FAQ sheet about the avatars' three different file types and has shared two animation tutorial videos from Bailey_tattoo and TropicalVirtual.


“The BAYC Avatars are optimized for real-time applications, as well as usage for animation and rendering in Digital Content Creation software like Blender,” the club wrote. “The Ape are provided 3 different formats, with similar underlying textures and meshes. They are all built with PBR materials with at least base color, occlusion, roughness, and metalness maps. Some traits have additional texture maps like emission. The Skeleton is based on the Unreal 5 Mannequin skeleton specifications. This makes import into game engines easy. For any stock animation or retargeting applications, follow that program’s specific instructions for using an Unreal skeleton.”

As Apes learn about animation and how to build weird shit, the Made By Apes business, Other Page, has added some dance moves to its platform that every BAYC member can access by simply messaging them!


“Other Page has entered the Third Dimension,” the company tweeted. “Want to flex your 3D @BoredApeYC without becoming a blender expert? Shoot us a DM to update your Other Page.”



The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about Ape animation and will continue to follow all the weird shit the community makes with its 3D files. Stay tuned for updates!

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