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From Slide Show To Art Show: Franklin's Bored Apes Are Being Featured In A Digital Gallery:

An art gallery in the Decentraland Metaverse is hosting an exhibit featuring FranklinIsBored’s impressive Bored Ape Yacht Club Collection.

Non-Fungible TC Gallery will be showcasing 33 of Franklin’s 58 Bored Apes inside its digital art gallery from July 23rd- July 30th. The Gallery Exhibition is titled “Franklin Is Bored”

“This is probably the FIRST exhibition with the MOST Bored Apes within a parcel from one owner in Decentraland,” the art gallery wrote in its event press release. “Although he is well-known for this Bored Ape slideshows and a holder with more than 50+ apes, Franklin is an aerospace engineer and have worked with projects from NASA. This exhibition would launch with an interview with Franklin, where he would share with Non-Fungible TC his story before Web 3.0.”

The Gallery is set up with photos of Franklin’s Bored Apes throughout the space and visitors are able to go from floor to floor and marvel at the notable BAYC members collection.

“First time I have seen that many of my apes displayed at once in a 'gallery,'" Franklin told the Bored Ape Gazette. “Very few moments nowadays surprise or shock me but seeing dozens of my apes at once definitely did and it helped me put things into perspective, the scale of my collection. I am very grateful.”

If you’re interested in checking out the virtual gallery, head on into Decentraland and go to Location: -88, -47.

For more information on the gallery check out the events press release here:

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