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GAME ON: Take A Look At The Five Companies Yuga Labs Is Working With On Its Games


Its game on around the Yugaverse after Yuga Labs announced that it was working with gaming developer Faraway to reopen the sewers under the swamp for Dookey Dash Unclogged later this year, adding to a growing list of games and partners that Yuga is building with!


From Legends of The Mara to Otherside, the Forge, and Battle Town, games play a huge role around the swamp and Yuga Labs is working with several different developers to bring its games to life!


Take a closer look at the five companies that Yuga Labs is working with on its gaming endeavors!



Faraway, a game developer, not only creates games but has also established a platform for NFT creation and a marketplace for aspiring creators. Their focus on user-generated content (UGC) extends to games like Mini Royale: Nations, Faraway Land, and the upcoming Dookey Dash Unclogged. Creators can use the Creator Suite to mint custom skins, gears, and avatars. Storefronts can also be customized.



Hadean, an award-winning startup backed by $50 million from Epic Games, Ericsson, and Yuga Labs, specializes in AI-powered spatial computing. They aim to merge physical and virtual realms seamlessly, considering the metaverse as a 3D layer of social media. Hadean has worked with notable companies like Microsoft, MineCraft, and Epic Games.



AccelByte, with $70 million in funding, supports cross-platform accounts, matchmaking, in-game stores, and analytics. Founded in 2016, they have engineered online systems for major brands and gaming platforms, including Fortnite, Epic Online Store, Xbox Live, and EA Origin.


Bad Rhino Studios

Bad Rhino Studios, an independent game developer since 2015, focuses on pushing the boundaries of Unreal Engine for games on various platforms. They became an Approved Service Partner for Unreal Engine in 2023, collaborating with brands like Cartoon Network, Epic Games, and META.



Described as the "most powerful Web 3 gaming analytics platform," Helika provides analytic solutions to studios for building, growing, and optimizing games. They offer game data analytics, marketing tooling, and game management infrastructure. Helika’s network includes partnerships and collaborations with Pudgy, Animoca, CoinBase Base, Gala Games, Proof of Play, Arbitrum, AI Arena, and Immutable.


In summary, Yuga's expansion involves strategic partnerships with diverse developers and platforms, each contributing unique expertise to shape the future of Otherside.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the various developers that Yuga Labs is collaborating with. Stay tuned for updates!

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