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GAME OVER: The DooKey Dash Has Ended. See The Top Score And Find Out What Happens Next

After 21 days of DooKey Dashing, the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s first skill-based mint has come to an end.

After 25,453 unique Dookey Dashers ran through the sewers underneath the BAYC a collective 7,618,000 times, the gutter is now closed; and quest to retrieve the coveted key from Jimmy the Monkey’s butthole has come to a rear-end!

"Dookey Dashers, the sewer has been closed and the leaderboard is now locked, the BAYC tweeted "We are validating the scores and will share the final leaderboard once we complete our review."

Now that the DooKey Dash has ended, the BAYC will now work to validate the DooKey Dash scores and get ready for the summoning event on February 15th.

Assuming the top score is valid, the top DooKey Dasher, and the winner of the key inside Jimmy the Monkey’s butthole, is professional video game player Mongraal with a high score of 928,522 PTS.

While Mongraal won the Key, all Sewer Pass holders who participated in the DooKey Dash and did not cheat will be able to burn their passes during the Summoning event on February 15th.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working on continued coverage of the summoning. Stay tuned for updates!

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