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General Gordon& Seal Team 9 Saved Wagmi-San Last Week. Find Out More About This Otherside Operation

Seal Team 9, led by the General Gordon AKA Bored Ape #6316, aped into action during last week’s 10KTF Twitter Thursday as they saved Wagmi-San from certain death!

It was an eventful week for 10KTF holders and the extended Yugaverse, as Marshal Howen, a staple of the 10KTF storyline for the past few months, was vaporized, and havoc was wreaked on the Otherside as he tried to bring 'structure' to the land via forces he did not understand.

Admit the chaos, Wagmi-San fell into a deep hole and hope seemed lost.

But thankfully Seal team 9 aped into action and saved the legendary crafter!

“The General owes his life to Wagmi-San,” Seal Team 9 leader General Gordon told the Gazette. “My first NFT that I ever bought in my life was BAYC #6316 for 114.5 ETH, just under 400k at the peak of the bull. BAYC #6316 was built to serve and was quickly recognized as the ''The General'' of the BAYC and 10KTF with intensions to militarize, serve and protect both communities.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, General Gordon has been building up his forces for over a year and has put together quite the collection of Yugaverse NFTs!

“The purpose of forming Seal Team 9 was to demonstrate to our people that we will never again be outnumbered on the Otherside,” General Gordon said. “Teamwork and a strong community will always override any enemy. Moving forward Seal Team 9 will be working closely with the community to maximize military strategies for what is to come to protect us all on the Otherside, which is now our new home.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Seal Team 9 and the 10KTF storyline. Stay tuned for updates!

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