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'GET HYPE': Nifty Tailor Is Putting Gordon Goner In Apes Ears With This New Tattoo Edit!

Bored Ape Yacht Club members are taking to the timeline this evening to report that they hear Gordon Goner’s voice ringing in their ears, telling them to 'Get Hype,' after they recently visited the club’s resident seamster, Nifty Tailor, and left with a new tattoo edit!

BAYC members felt like they were going insane this Mutant Monday as Apes got a little 'Gordo' tattooed in their ears, that told them to 'Get Hype' for the years ahead.


“GET HYPE - @GordonGoner in my ear rn,” Nifty Tailor tweeted.


The inspiration for this Gordon Goner-inspired 'Get Hype' edit came from a tweet by Yuga Labs CEO Garga last week about his longtime friend and co-founder Gordo speaking directly into his ear.


nobody:      gordo in my ear rn: “get hype baby,” Garga tweeted last Tuesday. “You're going to have to start drinking more. i dunno how much you're drinking. but its gonna have to go up up up. we gotta be three 6 mafia. no more mountain goats. none of that emo shit. greg, how much you drinking at night?”

BAYC members can get a little Gordo in their ear by heading over to Nifty Tailor's website and selecting the ‘Gordo In My Ear’ accessory here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Nifty Tailor and all the voices inside Apes’ heads. Stay tuned for updates!




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Apr 17

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