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GET TO KNOW THE CANDIDATE: NFTSasha Is Running For Governance Working Group Steward

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

The ApeCoin DAO’s second election season is in full swing and while many $Ape holders know every nominee’s positions and what they plan to do if elected, not everyone knows the candidates on a personal level!

In an effort to get to know who is running for $Ape Office, the Bored Ape Gazette recently sent out a nine-item questionnaire to each candidate to find out more about them and their Web3 journey to get to know the person behind the keyboard!

One of those candidates is NFTSasha who is running in both of this week’s elections.

“I have built careers in three distinct areas in my life so far: software, gaming, and crypto,” Sasha said when asked why the community should vote for him. “I am an overachiever, worked for both startups and large companies, ran my own business, and mentored a dozen or so others. I’ve dealt with lawyers and regulations, landed large business deals, and have both raised investment and helped others raise money. Having lived on three continents, I have empathy for builders worldwide and a broad understanding of various cultures. I bring a culture of excellence and execution with me, am detail-oriented, and work hard. If you believe this kind of real, diverse, and versatile experience is what a Special Council seat should have, vote for me.”

Find out more about Sasha below:

1.What’s your favorite web3 memory?

“Ahh so many - Cool Cats LA, Apefests, Starcatchers, Wonderpals. But what stands out is all of Andrew Wang’s journey. One night during the 1st NFT NYC I ran into him outside the Cool Cats party. Already famous by then, he was giving the most passionate answer that watered everyone’s eyes to a random community member who stopped him on the street to interview him. He was in a rush, but gave the guy his time. I thought, ‘There’s a pure soul, there’s a man I’d like to get to know more.’ He now calls me ‘big bro’ and I call him ‘lil bro,’ but the truth is that it’s sometimes the other way around.”

2. When was the first time you got rug pulled?

“I was waiting on a collection mint, got a DM about it starting right on the dot, clicked link in DM to mint, website looked identical, but they took my mint money. I was lucky that more wasn’t taken, as they were early days and I was minting from the main wallet back then haha.”

3. What was your best trade and worst crypto trade?

“Best trade: I told a rich friend to buy apes, he did and made good money, so he gifted me an ape and I sold it over a year later for $120k. Worst trade: bought a bunch of Cool Pet eggs at 1.5-2.5 eth each + a few cool cats… I lost over $100k.”

4. What was your first job and what was your most recent job?

First Job: math tutor in college.

Most Recent Job: venture partner/co-founder of a crypto accelerator

5. What’s your favorite movie, book, and game?

Movie: The Matrix (original)

Book: The Stainless Steel Rat and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Game: CS, LoL, C&C, Warcraft 2/3, Quake 1/2, Witcher 3.

6. What do you do in your free time?

“In my spare time I write, play games, and travel.”

7. What’s a random fact about you?

“I have a Ukrainian passport, I am a permanent resident of both USA and Canada, and for the past year I’ve been living in Asia.”

8. Do you have anything else you’d like the community to know about you before they vote?

“I value integrity above all else and I believe that actions speak louder than words.”

9. Last question what’s the first word that comes to mind when I say ApeCoin?


The window to vote in the ApeCoin DAO's first round of Special Council and Governance Working Group Steward elections is currently open and $Ape holders have until June 21st to cast their coins for their preferred nominees.

After the first round of voting, the top five vote getting nominees will move on to the second round of voting and officially become candidates. The DAO will then conduct one more election from June 22nd to 28th, during which the community will elect two Special Council members and two Working Group Stewards. Take a look at the full Election season timeline below:

The Bored Ape Gazette has reached out to every candidate for an interview and will be publishing their responses as they reply. Stay tuned for updates!

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