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GETTING SHILLY: This Bored Rocker's NFT Project Sold Out Today. Find Out More:

Shily and his Manager Shwaz are going to be rocking all night long after the pair sold out their music based NFT project this afternoon.

Just a month after Shilly AKA Bored Ape #6722 aped onto the scene and released his debut music video titled “I’m Boring,” the lyrical genius released the “Shilly: The Access Passes” NFTs.

These tokens give holders creative control over Shilly and his music!

“Shilly Access Passes are the only way into this new kind of web3 music community, Shwaz wrote in the NFTs description section on Opensea. “One where the earliest supporters are not just fans, but also collaborators who can co-write music with Shilly’s band, license their NFTs to be part of Shilly’s story and content, and have a say on everything from which songs he drops to what tattoos he rocks to whether he should have a love affair with Courtney Cox. Here the community is the artist and the artist is the community. In collaboration with Probably A Label and Warner Records. Powered by VolDAO. Access Pass art by AlexMarks3D.”

In total, Shilly and his manager Shwaz sold 3,500 Shilly: The Access Passes today and the current floor price for one of their NFTs is .10 Eth, according to Opensea data.

“I’m totally in shock and just so grateful that people believe in what we’re creating,” Shwaz told the Gazette after the mint. “I can’t wait to start writing some more Shilly bangers with this community. As for Shilly himself, he forgot the mint was today and is just watching re-runs of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.”

Apes who are interested in being apart of Shilly's musical career can purchase a pass here:

Also, be sure to check out Shilly's hit song, "I'm Boring" below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Shilly project and will keep you posted on the primate's musical career! Stay tuned for updates!

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