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GOLD RECORD: This BAYC Member Just Purchased A Gold fur Ape For 420 ETH

Another day another record breaking sale at the Bored Ape yacht Club as this BAYC member purchased a gold for ape for 420 eth or $1,386,000 USD.

BAYC member, ApenerHugh, purchased Bored Ape #1734 from BAYC member Anlayaman.

Anlayaman purchased the gold fur ape for 3 Eth four months ago, according to Opensea.

I've never seen anything like @BoredApeYC,” ApenerHugh tweeted after the purchase. “It captures the zeitgeist of our times. The art is lit, the community is militant, and the team gets it. This feels like the defining NFT project of our era. I truly believe apes can flip punks and this ape purchase shows my conviction.You have major fashion labels (@thehundreds), auction houses (@ChristiesInc), consumer brands (@DrinkAriZona), and celebrities (@KSI@LoganPaul) apeing in. People are making TV shows, comics, apparel, and so much more with their apes. Don't sleep on NFTs, especially BAYC.”

Bored Ape #1734 is a five trait gold fur ape with a bored cigarette mouth, bored eyes and a faux hawk. Based on these traits, Bored Ape #1734 is the 192nd rarest ape, according to Rarity Tools.

After the purchase, Bored Apes were quick to congratulate ApenerHugh on the purchase. “This is one of the top 3 gold apes IMO,”Capetain Trippy tweeted.

ApenerHugh is no stranger to the BAYC or big purchases. In total, ApenerHugh holds 11 Bored Apes worth at least 2,100.83 Eth or $6932,000 USD according to Evaluate. Market.

Be sure to follow ApenerHugh on Twitter @ ApenerHugh

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