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GORDON GONE SHOPPING: Yuga Labs Co-Founder Gordon Goner Purchased A Zombie CryptoPunk For $1.1 M USD

Ape papi and Yuga Labs Co-Founder Gordon Goner is now Punk daddy after he purchased a zombie CryptoPunk for 600 Eth or $1,137,000 USD!

On the Monday following Apefest 2023, Gordon Goner, who has just recently returned to the Bored Ape Yacht Club after leaving for health reasons, posted that he’s looking to ape into some non-BAYC NFTs.

“Going to grab some non-BAYC NFTs this week,” he tweeted. “Don't freak out. I'm still ape papi and I love you very much.”

Three hours and hundreds of collection recommendations later, Goner aped into another Yuga Labs owned project, purchasing CryptoPunk #7458 for 600 Eth or $1,136,000 USD.

“Sup,” he casually tweeted.

CryptoPunk #7458 is a three attribute Zombie type Punk with a knitted cap, regular shades, and a shadow beard.

After his purchase, Goner returned to Twitter and said that he plans to follow back the CryptoPunks community and that his shopping spree will continue..

"This was long overdue," Goner tweeted Going to take me forever to follow back every single punk who followed me today, but it will get done. Thank you for the warm welcome of this apeman, punks. More foolishness tomorrow.

The Wallet Goner used to purchase CryptoPunk #7458 was 0x5bee2b0e902dB594BE8a9beB8e20f0bE0f370C6d and it currently has 16.86 or $32,000 USD in it.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Goner’s new wallet and will let you know what he purchases next. Stay tuned for updates!

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