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Here's Whats Next For Former Special Council Member Maaria Bajwa:

As BoredApeG, Veratheape, and Gerry officially began their Special Council terms yesterday, former Special Council Member Maaria Bajwa took to Twitter to welcome her successors and highlight some of her favorite 2022 ApeCoin DAO’s moments!

“Congratulations to new @apecoin special council members @BoredApeG @veratheape @nftgerry,” Bajwa tweeted. “It's been an honor serving the DAO and I'm confident the new council members will crush it in 2023.”

In her 13-part thread, Bajwa highlighted five initiatives that she spearheaded during her time of the board.

“TLDR we worked on a lot of foundational stuff: 1) Funding public goods starting with a @ethglobal hackathon 2) Creating better delegation UI 3) Launching a bug bounty program 4) Meebits PropHouse funded by ApeCoin 5) Ledger + ApeCoin partnership.”

After her post, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to Bajwa to find out more about her plans going forward.

“It's been an honor to serve on the special council this past year,” she said. “Met a lot of incredible people and can't wait to keep working with ya'll in 2023!! In the meantime, here are some ways for folks to get involved in the DAO: - I'll be submitting an AIP for ApeCoin to attend the ETH Denver hackathon in Feb. If the AIP passes, we'll need people to help at the event. Anyone interested should send me a DM! - folks can now submit formal applications to be delegates at: - Round 2 of Meebits prophouse goes live tomorrow (today). We're auctioning 5 grants of 1,000 APE each. Anyone with ideas for Meebits + APE should apply!”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Bajwa and the new Special Council. Stay tuned for updates!

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