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Improbable Held An M2 Tech Lecture In The Metaverse Today. Here's What You Need To Know:

Improbable, the company working with Yuga Labs to make the Otherside a reality, held a technical lecture on its M2 technology today that left many participants bullish on the future and excited to start building within the company’s interoperable metaverse.

For the third week in a row the Improbable team invited the broader web3 space to join them in their M2 powered metaverse and check out what they’re building.

During today’s event, Improbable’s CEO, Herman Narula, Co-Founder Rob Whitehead, and MML Project Lead, Marcus Longmuir, defined what a metaverse is, explained a bit about how MML relates to NFTs, and gave participants an idea about what the company’s M2 tech is all about!

To begin, the trio defined the metaverse as a shared space where builders and creators can come together and share their ideas, they called this dynamic composition.

“A user experience in which users can dynamically add content to their environment,” they said.

Next, the team explained that MML stands for Metaverse Markup Language and that MML is an open format protocol that NFTs can point to so other builders can create around the NFT and incorporate them into their project or world.

“Think of MML like a J-Peg,” Whitehead explained during today’s event. “Like NFTs are essentially on-chain records about an object and then it points to some metadata. So, you can have it so you could have an NFT, it has existing name, description, image, and then you can add other attributes. So if you put in your NFT metadata the MML URL, then you know different projects are going to know that the NFT actually has an MML representation.”

Following a brief explanation of MML and its relation to NFTs, Narula provided participants with a quick explanation of what M2 tech is and what Improbable is building

“It’s essentially like an ecosystem that lets everybody profit,” Narula said. “So, you can make a world like Sandbox and Decentraland, you can connect one in, you can create MML objects, and you can have them move from world to world. You can create and use experiences that have thousands of people in them at the same time. And none of these are going to be decisions that are only made my Improbable. So M2 stands apart from us and is kind of like an underlying telecoms network for the metaverse. And there will be economic incentives that will incentivize all of the large metaverses we are working with to create more interoperable.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Improbable and its interconnected metaverse. Stay tuned for updates!

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