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INSANE: A Crypto Whale With $3M USD In Their Wallet Bought Three Mutant Apes Yesterday

Mutant Monday came a day early as an anonymous user with over three million dollars’ worth of crypto in their wallet purchased three insane Mutant Apes.

On Sunday Wallet 0x790c4fa51f59229899eb0152771a2bad994d46b9 purchased three Mutant Apes for 42.79 Eth or $55,800 USD, according to X2Y2 data.

While we do not know who owns this wallet, we do know that this user has a lot of crypto at their disposal and that their wallet is connected to a wallet that holds a spacesuit Bored Ape.

At the time of this article’s publication, Wallet 0x790c currently has a net worth of 2892 Eth or $3,849,000 USD, according to Etherscan data.

It is possible that this user’s shopping spree may just be getting started based on their recent activity. Wallet 0x790c received 295 Eth or $393,000 USD from a Binance wallet 18 hours ago, according to Etherscan.

Prior to Wallet 0x790c receiving 295 Eth from a Binance account, the anonymous wallet received a 1,010 Eth transfer from Wallet 0x9d8B59de3E39F9C45ec05854f2FC8225932fbC03, according to Etherscan. That wallet also holds Bored Ape #9166.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this crypto whale and will let you know what they do next! Stay tuned for updates.

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