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INSANE DEAL: Made By Apes Brand Boring Brew Is Having A Mega Sale On Its Mutant Ape Themed Coffees!

The coffee and the deals are brewing around the swamp this week as Made By Apes Brand, Boring Brew, announced its Mutant Monday Mayhem bundle sale featuring insane art and delicious flavors!

Boring Brew is on a mission to make Mutant Mondays a bit less hectic around the Bored Ape Yacht Club as the company poured out an insane offer: 50% off its MAYC-branded bags!



“Embrace Your Inner Mutant,” Boring Brew told the Gazette. “Get a 50% discount on our Coffee Mutant Bundle, which includes 4 coffee bags. Dive into the world of coffee serum with this unique collection from Boring Brewspecialty coffee MADE BY APES #00027, roasted and ground on-demand to preserve the freshness and flavor of each bean. Mutant coffee for life!”



This deal includes a bag featuring MAYC #17610 in collaboration with the Holder Gallery, a bag featuring MAYC #24001 designed by artist YourHalfsBigger, another bag featuring MAYC #24001 designed with Boring Brew's augmented reality filter, and one bag featuring MAYC #14506 featuring Octopape.


Boring Brew told the Gazette that its goal with the Mutant Monday Mayhem bundle is to invite Apes to check out the brand, support artists and Mutants in the Web3 space, and do good around the world!


“We have always been passionate about coffee, apes, and mutants. We also believe that no matter the floor price, mutants and apes deserve to discover the richness of each MBA product. Additionally, with each sale, we are supporting the IP owner, the artists of the bag, and our friends at Margarita Sonríe, a non-profit that helps children in need in our home country, Venezuela.”


Apes and Non-Apes have until Friday to ape into Boring Brew's Mutant Monday Mayhem bundle.  You can check it out here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Boring Brew and will let you know what this MBA brand does next. Stay tuned for updates!

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