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"IT'S TIME" : Jenkins The Valet's Novel Bored& Dangerous Comes Out Next Week

After a year of work, the most anticipated novel in NFT history is set to come out next week!

The Writer’s Room’s first collaborative novel, “Bored& Dangerous As Told To Neil Strauss By Jenkins The Valet”, is set to launch its token gated E-reader this Tuesday.

“It’s time,” Jenkins tweeted on September 23rd. “We’re thrilled to announce that the token gated Bored & Dangerous reader is launching Tuesday, September 27th. This novel has been a year in the making. We cannot wait to share it with you. We’ll host a Spaces next week to celebrate. Writer’s Room - we did it.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, thousands of crypto enthusiasts aped in and got their copy of Bored& Dangerous in July during Jenkins and the Tally Labs team’s three phase mint.

In total, 14,800 copies of Bored& Dangerous were minted and the floor price at the time of this article’s publication is .58 Eth or $763 USD.

“This work is the result of 3,000 members of Jenkins the Valet's “The Writer's Room” banding together to drive the creative direction of the work,” the Bored& Dangerous NFT description stated.

The Bored Ape Gazette will be reading its copy of Bored& Dangerous next week and looks forward to digging deep into this tell all book! Stay tuned for updates.

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