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ITERN ERA: The ApeCoin DAO's New Intern Made Waves Around The Swamp Last Night With Their Memes!

The ApeCoin DAO entered its intern era last night, filling the timeline with reply-guy-style shitposts and memes.

Things were anything but boring in the $Ape ecosystem on Friday as the ApeCoin DAO’s new intern took over the typically buttoned-up Twitter account, bringing a degenerate edge to ApeCoin in between coffee runs for Special Council member, Captian Trippy.

Throughout the evening, the ApeCoin DAO’s Twitter account shocked longtime BAYC members and $Ape holders with its uncharacteristic replies and references to Web3 culture, memes and Yugaverse lore.


"Alright whoever’s in charge of @apecoin  account is poppin off today," BAYC member Shawners810 tweeted last night.

As the new intern made waves around the swamp, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to Special Council member Captain Trippy to get his take on the DAO’s new employee.

“The intern may still get fired, we’ll have to see how it goes,” he told the Gazette. “But until then, expect to see more presence from the ApeCoin community in more of the places you would expect, and maybe some you don’t.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the ApeCoin DAO’s new intern and will let you know what they do next. Stay tuned for updates!

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