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Jenkins The Valet And The Tally Labs Team Gave Writer's Room holders An Update On Podcast Licensing


Jenkins the Valet and the Tally Labs team kicked off the week by giving Writer’s Room NFT Holders a look at how character licensing is going to work for the company’s upcoming podcast series!

“The @TallyLabsNFT team has put a ton of work into streamlining the licensing process," Jenkins tweeted on Monday. “All deals between you, other parties, and Tally Labs will be made on-platform in a few clicks, instead of off-platform through emails and Discord. As a Writer’s Room holder, you can browse the more than 7700+ characters created on the Podcast Website and use your Writer's Room NFT to send partnership offers to those you like. You can also create and license your own characters.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Jenkins the Valet’s new podcast series will document Jenkins’ search for his dog, GoodBoy, through the metaverse!

“My best friend and beloved dog @goodboyNFT has gone missing,” Jenkins tweeted on November 21,2022. “I need YOUR help to find him. I've decided to embark on a journey across the Metaverse in search of him. I will visit as many communities as I need to.”

Episode 1 will feature Bored Apes and Mutants, Episodes 2-6 will follow Bubblegum Kids, Inhabitants, Maison de GOAT, Purrnelope’s Country Club, and Goblintown, Episode 7 will feature The Plague, and Episode 8 will be a “hodgepodge" episode that will feature various NFTs, according to Jenkin’s blog post on January 27th.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Jenkins the Valet and will keep you posted on his podcast series and his search for Goodboy! Stay tuned for updates!

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