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Jenkins The Valet Announced That His Highly Anticipated Book Will Be Available To Mint On July 11th

Bored Ape Yacht Club member Jenkins the Valet announced that his Bored& Dangerous novel will be available to mint next month on July 11th.

In a Medium article titled “How We’re Bringing Web3’s First Community-Generative Novel to Market,” Jenkins announced that his highly anticipated book written by NY Times best-selling Author Neil Strauss will be available to mint on July 11th, 2022.

“Bored & Dangerous is the first novel set inside of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and it’s the first true novel that spun out of Web3,” Jenkins wrote. “3,000 members of the Writer’s Room banded together to craft the lore as well as generate creative ideas that led to the plot and tone. After that, 4,075 Apes/Mutants trusted us enough to license their IP to appear in the work. Every single one of those licensors will be receiving royalties in exchange: 50% of Net Profits flow back to licensors.”

In total, there will be a maximum supply 20,826 of Bored& Dangerous NFTs available for mint during a three-phase mint.

The first phase will be a public sale Dutch auction of 2,367 books on July 11th with refunds above the resting price. At the time of this articles publication, Jenkins has not announced the initial mint price for Bored& Dangerous NFTs, but Jenkins said that he will release more information as we get closer to the mint date.

The second phase will be a “Writelist” sale. This phase will also take place on July 11th shortly after the public mint and will remain open for 48 hours.

During the “Writelist” phase 11,517 NFTs will be available to be minted by every Writer’s room NFT holders, every licensed BAYC or MAYC NFT and the 500 winners of the Azurbala specific WL puzzles and members of other communities in the projects network., Any unclaimed NFTs from this phase will be burned, according to the Medium post.

The final phase, phase three, will a free claim for all Writers Room NFT holders. The window for Writers Room NFT holders to mint their Bored& Dangerous NFTs will be open for one week from July 13-20, according to Jenkins.

“Bored & Dangerous has been a labor of love,” Jenkins wrote. “Why? Because we truly believe that a globally distributed community of people can create a better piece of work than any of us can do alone. This is the proof of concept from the Writer’s Room, and we believe it will be a grail for years to come.”

After Apes and non-apes mint their books, Jenkins said there will be a short delay until Bored& Dangerous holders will be able to read the highly anticipated story.

“After minting is completed for Bored & Dangerous NFTs, there will be a small delay on the token gated e-reader experience,” Jenkins wrote. “It’s a complex product that we’re building for the long-run. Our expectation is that book reading will be live about 3 weeks after the NFT sale. In other words, there will be a ~3 week delay in being able to read the book. Ultimately we’ve decided that a more premium experience that comes late is better than a PDF or natively reading on OpenSea. We will share progress frequently.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Jenkins the Valet and the Writer’s Room and will keep you up to date on all things Bored& Dangerous!

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