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LAST CHANCE: The Window To Nominate Yourself For Marketing& Comms Steward Closes Tonight!

The ApeCoin DAO is set to elect two Marketing and Communications Working Group Stewards this winter who will not only have to win a DAO wide race next month but also get a budget passed for their committee in 2024!

Seven months after the ApeCoin DAO voted in favor of the creation of a Marketing and Communications Working Group, $Apes can now throw their hats in the ring and run for these positions.

The Ape Improvement Proposal that created a Marketing and Communications Working Group, written by ApeCoin DAO Contributor SSP, stated that the group’s mandate was to “propose a consistent and compelling brand strategy and identity for the ApeCoin DAO, propose and implement comprehensive marketing and communications strategies, and help establish a strong presence through effective global communication efforts in order to onboard more users into the DAO.”

Earlier this Week, ApeCoin DAO Governance Working Group Steward, AllCityBAYC, hopped on an ApeCoin Twitter Space and said that the Marketing and Comms Working Group Stewards will handle social media, do PR for the DAO, look into IRL activations, help community led marketing initiatives like ThankApe, deal with Discord, among other things.

“An exciting component about these working groups is that the Stewards who come are really going to shape the future of this,” AllCity said. “There’s some guardrails but your going to have the direct ability to create shit that you think is cool, that’s going to help the DAO, and you’re going to put it into action.”

Remember, there is currently no budget for the ApeCoin DAO’s Marketing and Communications Working Group, and the stewards whom the DAO elects next month will need to propose their own budget in 2024!

The window for ApeCoin DAO Contributors to nominate themselves is currently open and $Apes have until tonight at 9 P.M. EST to apply and begin their candidacy!

For more information on how to apply, check out the DAO’s candidate page here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Marketing and Communications Working Group election and will bring you interviews with every candidate soon. Stay tuned for updates!

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