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"LEAK TIME" ImprobableIo Shared A Video Showing Off The Otherside's Improved Tech

ImprobaleIo’s CEO & Co-Founder Herman Narula gave Voyagers a look at the Otherside’s improved tech on Friday.

“Leak time,” Narula tweeted this afternoon along with a 44 second clip. “So there have been some major upgrades to the backend of our @MSquared_io technology. This is little candid clip of more than 20,000 CCU (concurrently connected users) in a dense location. Many caveats and details in thread: @RJFWhite.”

The video begins with a Voyager robot running around the Otherside Sphere. As the robot gets closer to the Sphere’s mainstage, viewers see a sea of 20,000 robots running around the tiny space

Narula went on to explain what is happening in this video and why it is impressive.

“Number 1: as I always say, DO NOT BELIEVE BOTS, wait for real players before getting excited,” Narula said after sharing the clip. “But we do use a very large-scale simulated player infrastructure that spins up thousands of players. So this is stage one in testing that builds significant confidence. The new system scales far beyond even our original tech, for perspective, a game of fortnite handles 10,000 ops/updates per second. The new tech can handle almost 2 billion a second. (previous limit around 1bn) "Ops" or updates per second is the most important metric in building rich experiences as it effectively caps all the interactions you can have.”

Narula went on in his thread to say that he and the Improbable team will continue to test the system. Also Narula said that the team is working on a voice solution so that its voice systems can run at these high levels.

Narula finished his thread by pondering just how many CCU (concurrently connected users) the system can handle.

“How much more ccu can we do,” Narula wrote. “With this new architecture, potentially significantly more. But I think this is a pretty awesome step up on the backend! Congrats to the @Improbableioteam. Once again, this is just an early test of a system that should do over 2 billion ops.”

Following Narula’s thread, ImprobableIo’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Rob Whitehead took to Twitter and explained the math behind this level of rendering.

“In a high density metaverse environment, when you double the number of players, you quadruple the amount of data you need to send. This means going from 100 to 20,000 players isn't 200x more work, it's 40,000x more work,” he tweeted.

After ImprobableIo’s Co-Founders both explained the new Otherside clip, BAYC Co-Founder Garga.Eth took to Twitter and gave the community a concise “TLDR” on the tech.

“tl;dr - The potential for an extraordinary density of nerds," Garga tweeted.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow ImprobableIo and will keep you up to date on all things Otherside!

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