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"LICK THE TOAD" : The BAYC Gave The Community New Information On One Of Its Upcoming Events

After the Bored Ape Yacht Club announced that it would be taking additional time to review the scores from the DooKey Dash, the club gave the community new information on its "Lick the Toad" event.

On Thursday, the BAYC took to Twitter and shared an updated timeline for its MDVMM activations.

“We’re taking additional time to review Sewer Pass scores, the BAYC tweeted this evening. “We’ll announce the final Leaderboard and official winner of the Key on Feb. 15th. Details on the updates found on below.”

Following tonight’s announcement, the DooKey Dash scores will now be finalized on the February 15th instead of February 10th. Further, “Lick The Toad” will now take place on February 22nd and the Summoning event has been pushed back to March 8th.

As the BAYC laid out its updated timeline, the club also gave Sewer Pass holders new information about “Lick the Toad” and informed holders that they’re heading back to the sewers later this month!

“Gary is going toad collecting… and you’re going with him," the BAYC tweeted. “All claimed Sewer Passes can re-enter the sewer for an opportunity to earn a companion trait for their Power Sources. Passes with a score of 0 are welcome to participate but this will NOT be the same leaderboard as Dookey Dash. More details to come.”

After this tweet, Yuga Labs released a press release that went into further detail on its upcoming Lick the Toad event.

"Coming soon, a limited-time event is coming to Dookey Dash, giving you a chance to join Gary in the sewer to catch toads and unlock a companion trait," Yuga Labs wrote. "500 of these traits will go to the top 500 scores in the event (based on length of run, fragments collected, and objects bonked). Another 2,000 of the traits will go to the 2,000 top toad catchers (based on the most toads caught in a single run; all toads are counted equally). More on this soon — we’ll give you a heads up on when this event will start and end."

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of the MDVMM timeline changes and will continue to follow all things "Lick the Toad." Stay tuned for updates!

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