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LOST IN THE SAUCE: BAYC Member Lost Is The New Face Of Jade City Foods' Bored Sauce!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

This Bored Ape Yacht Club member is ‘lost’ in the sauce after he became the bored face of Jade City Foods’ pineapple habanero Bored Sauce!

BAYC member TheHodlrCollective, also known as Lost, who is known around the swamp for moderating spicy and mild conversations on ApeComms Twitter Spaces, is now working to strike a balance between sweet pineapple and spicy habanero as the spokesape for Jade City Foods' hot sauce.

“Over the last several months, the @advisory_bored has been working tirelessly to launch more BAYC IP into the physical space,” Lost tweeted earlier this week. “We’re excited to announce our first limited release collab with @jadecityfoods, a mild Pineapple Habanero sauce. Hit their bio or the photo below to get Lost in the Sauce.”

“It’s exciting to see this collaboration come to life, buying a single ape with a merch hat was a very deliberate process,” Lost told the Gazette. “I started in the club with a vision to build a brand together with BAYC. And they’re supporting exactly that for the whole club.”

Lost went on to say that being the face of a MILD hot sauce is a dream come true for him, as his stomach is still recovering from last year's Death Nuts challenge.

“I am a survivor of the BAYC Death Nuts challenge 2022, so it felt right to start with something mild,” he said. “I’ve already got at least one hole in my stomach from the club. Maybe we’ll have a chance to turn it up later.”

Lost’s sweet and spicy hot sauce is a limited-edition release featuring four different bottle designs that each represent different levels of rarity!

Lost's Bored Sauce is currently for sale for $18 USD per bottle. Apes and hot sauce lovers alike, who are looking to get lost in the sauce, can purchase a bottle on Jade City Foods' website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Lost’s hot sauce and will let you know when Jade City Foods has new IP opportunities for Apes! Stay tuned for updates!

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