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MADE BY APES: Boring Brew's New Line Of Coffee Pods Is Now Available For Pre-order

This ‘Boring brew’ is coming to a Keurig near you!

On Monday, Bored Ape Yacht Club inspired coffee company Boring Brew announced that its launching new a line of coffee pods that will bring their medium roast coffee to primates one cup at a time!

“INTRODUCING BORING BREW'S COFFEE PODS, the company tweeted. “Brewed for degens who don't have time to grind beans & just want the highest quality coffee, our ZERO plastic pods come packed with premium Peruvian coffee.”

Boring Brews' new K-Cup compatible pods feature their Peruvian medium roast blend, which has notes of caramel, deep nuts, and citrus, and will be available in packs of 24 for $28.99 USD and will ship in early May.

Apes who are interested in pre-ordering their Boring Brew pods can do so here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Boring Brew and will let you know what this Made By Apes business does next

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