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MADE BY APES: This BAYC Member Just Launched His Ape Inspired Streetwear Brand! Check It Out Here:

This bored Ape Yacht Club member isn’t monkeying around when it comes to his streetwear brand Singe that he believes will take over the ape-parrel industry one stich at a time!

On Wednesday, BAYC Member Dim.Eth launched his Made By Apes project, Singe, which means Ape in French, and dropped a limited edition first run of merch!

“Ok, it's time: The SINGE® store is open for 7 days (LINK IN BIO), Dim tweeted this morning. “And yes, there is a free gift with all orders!”

This limited run includes four different Singe T-shirts and a Singe Hoodie, priced at $43 USD and $87 USD, respectively. Every Singe order also includes a free Singe Keychain

“It Feels great,” Dim said when asked how it feels to see his brand come to life. “it was on my plans for a while. When I was younger, I developed several brandings and merch lines for musicians, nonprofit etc. with the bigger plan one day to launch my own brand and then life happened. The idea is to create a recognizable brand in and outside of the space. There will be limited editions capsules such as the SINGEFEST one that will only be available during soft launch.”

The window to purchase Singe merch is currently open and Apes and non-Apes have until next Wednesday to place their orders.

For more information on Singe, check out the brand’s website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Singe and will let you know when the brand does its next drop. Stay tuned for updates!

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