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MADE BY APES: WNS Wants To Help You Claim Your Digital Identity Across Chains!

This Made By Apes company is helping Bored Ape Yacht Club members and Web3 enthusiasts claim their 'Ape' and 'Web3' identities across various chains.

As Web3 has grown from an Ethereum movement to a cross-chain phenomenon, BAYC Members PranWeb3 and SirVicentFred created the 'Web3 Name Service' (WNS) to help Apes and Web3 enthusiasts claim their names no matter the chain!

“WNS is the only one offering MultiChain domains,” Pran told the Gazette. “We believe Web3 isn’t just about one chain, and users should have the freedom to decide for themselves. If you register your name on any chain with WNS, your name gets reserved for other chains too, which you can easily bridge to other supported chains on our platform later. Your identity should be consistent, irrespective of the chain you’re using. You shouldn't be forced to be 'Pran' on eth, 'Prannn' on sol, 'Pran02' on arb, and so on.”

WNS domain names cost a one-time fee that ranges from $5 dollars USD to $5,000 USD depending on character length and rarity.

Apes and Web3 enthusiasts can claim their cross chain WNS names here:

Further, everyone in the Web3 community is invited to participate in the WNS’  upcoming airdrop by tweeting about the project.

“Earn $WNS points by creating Twitter content about WNS,” the Made By Apes brand tweeted. “The more viral, the more points. You can also earn by engaging with our content directly. More engagement (likes, replies, RTs) means more points Impressions make you rise up multipliers Higher multipliers give you more points More points = More $WNS.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow WNS and all the Made By Apes brands. Stay tuned for updates!

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