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Marveling At The Mysterious Mara! Find out more about these Otherside Oda:

The Maras are one of the many Oda that inhabit Yuga Labs’ Otherside. Besides looking cool, Maras perform different functions within the Legends of the Mara game and come with their own unique skillsets. In this report, let’s take a closer look at these oda and marvel at the Maras!

To begin, it is important to note that Mara are not born, but hatched. To obtain a Mara, vessels will have to be nested for seven days on an Otherside Expanded Deed. A Deed is needed as it provides a ‘Camp’ during the nesting period. Mara can also be purchased on Further, Vessels can be instantly hatched using 5477 Myst, the native currency in LOTM.

In the Legends of the Mara, there are three types of vessels: hunter, farmer, and enchanter vessels. Mara rarity is random and is assigned after the nesting period ends. Common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary are the five rarity traits.

Let’s take a closer look at the three different Mara and their five different rarities and see how it impacts the creatures' abilities below:

Hunter Mara

Defenders of Otherside, these Oda protect Deeds by fighting off the Shattered. The Shattered are essentially failed mara as they are vessels that do not evolve into Mara. Hunter Mara stats coincide with their rarity. Common mara have an attack speed and attack damage of one. As

rarity increases attack speed and damage increase at increments of one.

Here’s how the Hunter rarities stack up against each other:

Common - Atk Speed: 1 Atk Damage 1

Uncommon -Atk Speed: 2 Damage 2

Rare - Atk Speed: 3 Damage: 3

Epic - Atk Speed: 4 Damage: 4

Legendary - Atk Speed: 5 Damage: 5

Hunter Maras also have randomly assigned abilities that can be used in battle. In total, there are five different abilities Hunter Mara can have:

1. Damage Over Time

2. Critical chance buff

3. Direct Damage

4. Damage Buff

5. Attack speed buff

Farmer Mara

These green creatures are used to farm the sediments from the Deeds. Unlike hunter Mara, the farmer Mara does not have abilities and only has a harvest bonus. Stats increase with rarity and sediment yield is based on harvest bonus and sediment tier. See harvest bonus differences between the various Hunter Mara below:

Common - Harvest Bonus: 1

Uncommon - Harvest Bonus: 2

Rare - Harvest Bonus: 3

Epic - Harvest Bonus: 4

Legendary - Harvest Bonus: 5

Enchanter Mara

These blue/purple creatures are the helpers of the three types! Enchanter Mara’s role is to buff the hunters or the farmers on the Deed. Enchanters assist hunters by upping the damage bonus and speeding up the harvest speed of farmers. Take a look at an Enchanters boosts below:

Common - 1

Uncommon - 2

Rare - 3

Epic - 4

Legendary - 5

Damage Bonus: 1 to 5

Harvest speed Bonus: 1 to 5

In closing, Maras are Odas that resides in Otherside that are used to defend, farm, or help their fellow Oda in Legends of the Mara. With three different type of Mara and five different rarities, there are many combinations of how Mara can be used in LOTM. Having higher rarity will give higher stats.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to bring you updates on the Legends of The Mara game. Stay tuned for updates!

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