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MEET THE CANDIDATE: Ape5170 Is Running For Metaverse Working Group Steward!

Bored Ape Yacht Club member and business owner, Ape5170, describes himself as a 'clear and concise communicator,' and he’s running to be one of the ApeCoin DAO’s first Metaverse Working Group Stewards, aiming to lay a firm foundation for this committee while helping gamers and content creators build in the $Ape ecosystem!

The winter election season of 2023 is underway at the ApeCoin DAO, with 12 contributors officially running to be the community’s first two metaverse working Group Stewards.

Among the candidates vying for this position is Ape5170.

“I believe that contributing to the development and understanding of the metaverse is not only essential but also a thrilling opportunity to shape the future of human interaction and digital engagement,” Ape5170 wrote on his candidate page. “As we move forward with the Otherside and its development, it will be crucial to include community content creators and community members as a whole to create interest in The Otherside and what it can bring to builders and interested parties outside of our ecosystem.”

To find out more about Ape5170 and why he’s the right $Ape to be a Metaverse Working Group Steward, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to him for an interview. Check it out below:

1.Why are You Running for This Position?

“We need a stronger focus on the Apecoin DAO with existing community members as well as new ApeCoin holders that want to participate. I would love to drive more attention from builders and content creators that have a vision of what the future holds for the metaverse.”

2. What is the Metaverse? How Do You Define It?

“The metaverse is a bit difficult to sum up. It can have so many facets and opportunities for connection, interoperability as well as commerce. Truly a free and open internet. You will be in control of your assets and how you use them. It will fulfill and drive value to people’s lives without the traditional gatekeeping. But I believe that is just the start and it will continue to evolve as we gravitate to blockchain technology and have wider adoption.”

3. What is the Purpose of a Metaverse Working Group?

“I see the purpose of the Metaverse Working Group as a way to bring wider adoption to the Apecoin DAO. It is no secret at this point that the gaming sector will be a huge catalyst for the metaverse, as well as gaming token adoption. But I have a wider scope than just the gaming sector. I think there needs to be a focus on our content creators and entertainers in the space as well. But we need to bridge te communication gap and say, 'hey we are here for you. Get those AIP’s in and let's build together with ApeCoin, and have an open discussion in the forum as to how the DAO can make that happen.'"

4. What Would You Like to Accomplish in This Role?

“I would first love to polish what the Metaverse Working Group is in a clear statement. We need to have a plan of attack and start making ourselves known in as many circles as possible. I would love to demystify how the DAO works and spark interest from anyone that wants to get involved with the DAO. I want to reward our awesome content creators who put in so much effort to spread the word about what we as a whole are doing.”

5. Why Are You the Right Person for the Job?

“I have always been a great communicator, and people may eyeroll that statement, and I get it. But if you have been around you know that without great communication it can create pain points that do not take long to metastasize into something larger. If you have read my bio in the DAO (which everyone should) yoiu know that I have been in elite customer service industry. In order to survive that type of industry you need to have a high level of emotional intelligence; you need to think critically and adapt quickly to changes in your environment.”

6. What Kind of Budget Do You Plan to Ask the Community For?

“I think a budget is important, but until we come up with a proper scope of our position, it is difficult to put out any meaningful numbers.”

7. What Does Success Look Like for This Working Group?

“If we can have people not deeply rooted in our sector evangilizing what the DAO and ApeCoin has done for them or their company that will be a huge accomplishment. If we drive more cretors, entertainers and gamers to the actual DAO forum and have meaningful conversation then that is a win. A year from now we should have that gap bridged and value added back to the DAO as well as ApeCoin.”

8. Do You Have Anything Else You’d Like to Add or Say?

“I would urge anyone voting, to consider who you are voting for and how you think they can add value to the DAO and not someone who will simply use this as a jump-off point for their own interests later. I would urge everyone to consider looking at this from all sides and vote for a diverse team whose strengths can help lift other weaknesses. Just like any election, there will be huge promises made, try to see things clearly and objectively. Most importantly be kind to each other and the nominees, it takes a lot to put yourself out there.”

ApeCoin DAO Contributors who would like to find out more about Ape5170’s campaign can reach out to him via Twitter @ ape5170

The window to vote in the first round of the ApeCoin DAO’s Metaverse Working Group election is currently open and $Ape holders will have until December 6th to cast their coins in support their preferred nominees. After the first round of voting, the top five nominees with the most votes will proceed to the second round of voting and officially become ApeCoin DAO Metaverse Working Group candidates. The DAO will then conduct one more election from December 7th through December 13th. During this second vote, the community will officially elect first two Metaverse Working Group Stewards!

Take a look at the full Election season timeline below:

The Bored Ape Gazette has reached out to every candidate running for $Ape office this winter and is working to bring you reports on all their candidacies. Stay tuned for updates!

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