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Meet The Nine ApeCoin DAO Contributors That Are Running For Governance Working Group Steward:

Election season around the swamp will be anything but boring as nine ApeCoin DAO contributors have thrown their hats in the ring and are officially running to be one of the two Governance Stewards in the newly formed Working Group.

June is shaping up to be a busy month as the community not only votes for two new Special Council members but also two new Stewards for the DAO's first-ever Governance Working Group.

Find out more about these nine candidates and see why each of them believes they're the right choice for $Ape office:


"Governance positions require experience and an extensive understanding of the ApeCoinDAO and its processes. I have a background in project management and creative direction within compliance-focused environments and believe in the importance of absolute efficiency, balance, and driving community involvement forward whenever establishing infrastructure. My DAO contributions include writing AIP-169 BeyondTheSWAMP, which received funding on April 21st to develop a community-driven ApeCoin and ApeCoinDAO-focused physical magazine. I am also working on a soon-to-be-published mentorship program, which will pair successful AIP authors with first-time writers. Recently, I was chosen as one of ten winners in the recent Idea-a-thon hosted by Thank APE. When elected, my first order of business will be to put a process in place to properly finalize all written communication issued by the DAO before going public. This will ensure that our messaging remains clear at all times and never creates more confusion than clarity. Second, I will conduct a complete Discourse audit with an emphasis on the Help & Resources forum, our AIP Draft Template, and how AIPs are presented on Snapshot. I will also be lobbying to determine a budget for app development so that members can begin receiving notifications directly to their mobile devices in a far more efficient manner than we are able to provide today. I also want to start rethinking our growth strategies with a stronger focus on reaching the broader Ape Coin holding community and initiate a feasibility study to establish a Working Group dedicated to offering direct support for individuals and organizations looking to grow their brand through the use of NFT intellectual property."


"I am honored for the opportunity to nominate myself as a steward for the Governance Working Group. With a strong conviction for decentralized ecosystems and a passion for web3 development, I aim to contribute to ApeCoin’s leadership in this space. I recognize the potential for growth and experimentation within decentralized governance, and I am committed to fostering a network built on community and culture. By leveraging my expertise and collaborative mindset, I will drive impactful decision-making, nurture inclusive discussions, and support the success of all stakeholders. Together, we can shape the future of decentralized governance and achieve remarkable milestones."


"As an ApeCoin DAO OG and a firm believer in Progressive Decentralization, I am deeply committed to empowering the DAO and unlocking its fullest potential. I firmly believe that a successful DAO is built on collaboration, inclusivity, and a shared commitment to the greater good. I am running for the position of Steward in the Governance Working Group because I recognize the critical role that effective governance plays in the success of any organization. I am eager to contribute my skills, expertise, and experience to ensure that the ApeCoin DAO’s governance processes are transparent, efficient, and aligned with the community’s vision. I bring a unique perspective that will help continue to drive the DAO’s governance initiatives forward. I am well-versed in best practices for governance and have a keen eye for ensuring fairness, accountability, and transparency in decision-making processes. By serving as a Steward, I am committed to fostering an environment where all community members have a voice and can actively participate in shaping the future of the DAO. I will work effortlessly to uphold the DAO’s principles and values, ensuring that our governance framework remains responsive, adaptable, and inclusive."


"To do a task and to do it well, One must require these 4 fundamental factors Intent : Capability : Motivation/Conviction :Competence : As part of my mandate, i will conduct extensive studies on various styles of governance, their threat assessments and profiles, possible exploits, how to navigate those challenges, Pros and Cons so that one can assess it in its entirety (making informed decisions as a collective while keeping all facts in mind) and the discussions around which could be made much more effective. To be published periodically, let’s day for example once a month. The most important part of that being threat assessment and the study of possible attack vectors which may look to undermine the institutions which we’re building here. As the incentive for rigging a system as consequential as the voting process within a DAO with Billions of $ in its treasury is too immense to be overlooked. Sort of like the Arbitrum sequencer, same is the case with MEV boosted node configurations for ETH. Follows the old adage “Show me the Incentive and I’ll show you the outcome” . (something something All a game of Incentives)Instead of going all in on a particular style, I envision a system which consists of a lot of moving parts which are precisely tuned to incentivise the kind of desirable behaviour which we’d like to see.zKYC would play an Instrumental role in enabling it, ensuring proof of humanity or personhood which Hal n Adv refer to it as without having the need to trust a third party and without the possibility of having unauthorized access to that data. Look out for the latest upcoming post regarding zKYC. These are the things which I’m super passionate about, that’s the reason why I’m trying to step up my game and try and provide as much value as humanly possible."


"I am running for Steward of the Governance Working Group to further my involvement in the ecosystem. This role will assist with operational support for the Foundation, create and maintain documents and policies related to governance, and have responsibility for shaping initiatives like the Ape Assembly."


"I’m Evil, an artist, mentor and curator from India. I’m passionate about creating an open environment for community members and act as a bridge between the same and Ape Foundation."


"I’m running for Steward because I think I can contribute to the DAO in a positive way. I’m finishing a two-year term as Vice President of my kids’ school PTA Board next month and have been looking for another way to participate in governance. I learned so much during my term and realized I was really good at it, so when I heard about the elections, I got really curious and excited to get involved."


"I want to push the web3 revolution forward and I see ApeCoin DAO as one its spearheads. From helping companies adopt agile software development to selecting and mentoring startups as part of a business accelerator (and having gone through one myself), I am a big believer in failing fast to minimize risk and also have first-hand experience of what projects/teams face when they try to bring ideas to reality. I will help bring efficient and effective structure to the DAO to nurture the most welcoming and rewarding environment for builders and creators."


"If the whole point is decentralization of the DAO, I am the most decentralized person you will ever meet. Mongolia became a capitalist democracy in 1990, a year after I was born. Ever since then, it was in my blood to fight for the community as well as unite everybody’s involvement. DAO is the Web3 version of what I believe. It is in my blood."

Over the next two weeks, ApeCoin DAO Contributors will have the chance to meet these nine candidates before they cast their coins and the top 5 vote getting nominees will become Working Group Steward candidates.

Check out the election timeline below:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to interview all nine nominees. Stay tuned for updates!

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