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MemeLand Is Giving Away $Ape As A Reward To Its Holders

This is no joke; Memeland will be distributing $Ape as a reward to its holders!

On Monday, Memeland, a Web-3 venture studio project, took to Twitter and said that it would be giving away 9,500 $Ape to its holders!

“Other than the Potion raffle happening every Monday, we will also be dropping some "Treasure Bags" (name to be confirmed) to Captainz every Monday! Whether you have a solo Captainz, or Captainz with 1, 2, or 3 Potatoz, as long as they are questing, they may get lucky,” Memeland tweeted. “We will begin with ALL the $APE we got monthly—currently ~9,500 $APE from the staking rewards. More details to follow when we add more prizes.”

Following Memeland’s post, some BAYC members took to Twitter and shared their thoughts on the project giving away $Ape.

"Seriously, @9gagceois a genius,” BAYC member Firerock tweeted. “Invested the royalties into BAYC and $ape, followed by max staking them - single investment leading to endless raffle rewards for holders over the next few years. BULLISH.”

Making waves at the Bored Ape Yacht club is nothing new for Memeland. Prior to yesterday’s giveaway announcement, the project purchased eight nautical themed Bored Apes on February 5th for 796.86 Eth or $1,304,000 USD.

further, Memeland also made a 999 Eth or $1.63 million USD offer on the Golden Key from the DooKey Dash.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Memeland’s $Ape giveaway. Stay tuned for updates!

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