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'MONDAY': Yuga Labs' Social Media Director Said The Magic Eden ETH Marketplace Is Not Going Live On Monday!

Magic Eden teased a big announcement next Monday, but don’t expect the company’s Ethereum based marketplace to go live that day, according to Yuga Labs’ Digital and social media Director, Ian de Borja.


Things have been anything but boring around the swamp this week after Magic Eden’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jack Lu, teased that Monday will be a big day.


“Monday,” Lu tweeted on Thursday, January 18th. “Some huge things are getting launched next wk. I'm so proud of the team that I can't sleep. One thing I learnt as @MagicEden got bigger - building product with a team of 100+ is fundamentally different to building during 0 to 1. Everything is about Culture. Culture is the machine through which our vision is brought to life. Building a great product is hard, but building a great culture is harder. I'm very proud of the culture we have at @MagicEden. It is a culture that pushes the boundaries & innovates. This is because our team has a deep love for Web3, Community & NFTs. There is a ton of natural passion & energy that makes the company move fwd by itself. Culture is the input. Something groundbreaking is the output. Monday we will see.”


Since Lu’s initial Monday post, several Magic Eden team members have also tweeted the word “Monday” leading many in the Yugaverse to speculate on what’s to come.



While we do not know exactly what Monday, and next week, holds for the Yugaverse, we do know that Yuga Labs and Magic Eden’s highly anticipated Marketplace is not going live on Monday, according to Yuga Labs’ Digital and social media Director, Ian de Borja.


“Just want to confirm with you that the magic Eden eth marketplace will NOT be going live Monday in case you were gonna write something about that,” he told the paper.


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs Co-Founder Garga first announced that Yuga Labs was collaborating with Magic Eden on an Ethereum marketplace at ApeFest 2023, following Opensea’s decision to make all Creator Royalties optional by February 29th, 2024.


"It sucks that a lot of marketplaces have turned their backs on the creators that helped build the platforms over the past two years,” Garga said to the club. “And one of the most frustrating parts of that is the flipflopping. There’s a whole sea of marketplaces that want to support creators and then not the next. So it goes us thinking what would it be like if we could get one of these marketplaces to legally, contractually, and bindingly support creators in perpetuity. And that’s why I’m pretty stoked to have our sponsor magic Eden here.”



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Magic Eden and will keep you posted on Monday’s announcement and the huge things that the platform is launching soon. Stay tuned for updates!

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