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NFL Bored Apes Faced Off Against Each Other Today. Find Out What Happened Here:

For the first time ever, NFL Bored Ape Yacht Club members competed against one another today as the Baltimore Ravens played the Denver Broncos.

Today’s game at mile high stadium featured BAYC members Von Miller, Brandon MacManus for the Broncos and Marlon Humphrey for the Baltimore Ravens.

In the end, Humphrey and the Ravens overwhelmed the Broncos, winning 23-7. Humphrey recorded two tackles and one pass defended, according to ESPN.

For the Broncos, Miller fought hard but in the end, it wasn’t enough. The linebacker recorded five tackles and half a sack, according to ESPN. With today’s half a sack, Miller now has four on the season.

McManus did not have any opportunity to make a difference in today’s game. The kicker did not attempt a field goal and converted his single point after attempt.

Humphrey and the Ravens hope to keep the momentum going next week as they face off against the Indianapolis Colts next week.

As the Ravens hope to keep up the energy, Miller McManus and the Broncos hope to shake off their first loss of the season and bounce back against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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