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NFT Community Members Are Pumped After Today's First Trip To The Otherside:

The NFT community at large is hyped after the First Trip to the Otherside metaverse.

Thousands of Otherdeed holders journeyed to the Otherside on Saturday and got to experience the metaverse firsthand.

“I’ve been gaming for over 10 years and I’ve never experienced anything like this,” BAYC member FFVV1211.Eth tweeted. “Unbeatable. #otherside @OthersideMeta.”

During the hour and a half First Trip, Otherdeed holders AKA Voyagers were brought to the Otherside where they saved some Kodas, powered up the Obelisks and fought an evil boss.

“If you know anybody that works in big boi gaming you should ask them whether what @OthersideMeta pulled off is genuinely impressive,” Setanimals tweeted. “I did and the answer was most definitely yes. Concurrent players, browser based, world event triggers, web3 login ease.”

Following the first Trip, RTFKT Co-Founder Benito Pagotto took to Twitter and congratulated Yuga Labs and Improbable on an amazing metaverse experience.

“Really loved that 1st Otherside trip being a fan @Improbableio since 4ever, seeing the tech used at this scale, live and in a world built by friends & pixel streaming running smooth AF is really dope to see, Benito tweeted. “+ Kurtis and Blue Koda actors were guiding all of us degens. GG.”

After receiving universal praise regarding the First Trip from the NFT community, BAYC Co-Founder Gordon Goner took to Twitter and shared the Otherside’s origin story.

“Almost a year ago, I called Garga to ask him what he thought about the metaverse,” Goner tweeted. “Thought he’d tell me to get lost, but we ended up talking all night. The vision for Otherside and the Kodas, primal little beings who would usher us into this new landscape, came from that call. Today, thanks to an insanely talented and inspired collective at Yuga and Improbable, who share such a unique vision, we saw our first crack through the looking glass into the metaverse we'd imagined, one that will be built iteratively and with the community. I'm so insanely proud of our community and team for making First Trip a reality. We've got a lot of work ahead of us. World building at this scale takes time and isn’t easy. But after some celebration, we’re back at it. Thank you everyone.”

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