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Nobody.Eth Traded Two Bored Apes And $554K USD For Another 1/1 Otherside Artifact. Find Out More:

Otherside Mogul and notable nobody, Nobody.Eth, traded for their third one of one Otherside artifact this afternoon.

On Sunday Nobody traded two Bored Apes and 340 Eth or $554,000 USD with Twitter user 0xYosh for Otherdeed #56553.

Otherdeed #56553 is a four-star Sulfuric environment on Infinite Expanse sediment with a Brimstone resource and a 1/1 “Archway” artifact.

“What the hell is Archway,” Nobody tweeted after their massive trade.

While we do not know what the hell an Archway is, we do know that it is one of only nine 1/1 artifacts on the Otherside, according to Opensea data.

Further, we know that Nobody now owns three of the nine 1/1 Otherside artifacts.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported in May 2022, Nobody purchased Otherdeed #59906 that’s home to a 1/1 “mystery potion” for 625 Eth or $1,637,000 USD.

Later that month, Nobody bought Otherdeed #17164 that’s home to the “Sword of The Chosen” for $1.1 Million USD.

“"I am the Chosen One Haha,” Nobody tweeted at the time. “Thanks to @Snackpacketh! Nice deal!”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Nobody.Eth and will let you know more about these 1/1 artifacts as new information becomes available.

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