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Novel Labs' Serum City Is Opening Next Week And Apes, Cartel Oath Takers, And Mutant Hounds Can Come Play!

Apes, Cartel Oath takers, and Mutant Hounds are invited to leave the mundane swamp behind and try to make a name for themselves in Novel Labs’ Serum City starting next week!

Start spreading the news because Novel Labs’ ApeCoin-powered, interoperable Web3 world builder game, Serum City, is opening next week, and everyone—from Apes and Mutants to Cartel Oath Takers and Mutant Hounds—is invited to visit and build their empire!


“The train to Serum City is leaving shortly,” the game tweeted on Friday. “Claim your Pass to enter our bustling metropolis: Jan 30 @ 10 AM ET - Mutant Cartel Oath Jan 31 @ 10 AM ET - Mutant Hounds Feb 1 @ 10 AM ET - MAYC & BAYC Serum City Season One launches on February 1. All aboard!”



During next week’s respective claim windows for Apes, Cartel Oath Takers, and Mutant Hounds, holders will be invited connect their wallets, or use Warm.Xyz, to claim one Serum City pass per NFT they hold!


From there, for Apes, Cartel Oath Takers, and Mutant Hounds, will be assigned a homebase based on their NFTs.

Apes will get a Clubhouse, Mutant Hounds will get a castle and Oath takers will get an Oath HQ.


After this time, Serum City will open for business on February 1st!


“Ladies & gentlemen, Serum City is opening its doors,” Novel Lab’s Founder,Lior.Eth tweeted after today’s announcement. “So freaking excited for this. Working on this game has been one of the best experiences I've had as a builder. Big love to @farawaygg who helped us make this thing possible. See you there."


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, once Serum City opens next week, players will engage in activities such as stealing, trading, crafting, and building as they make their way up the Mutant Cartel ranks, progressing from lowly thieves to earning a seat at the bosss' table, according to the game’s website.


For more information on Serum City check out the game’s website here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Serum City and will keep you posted on next week’s claims. Stay tuned for updates!

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