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OFFER UP: The United Planetary DAO Made A 690 Eth Or $1.1M USD Offer On The Golden Key

Pixel Vault’s United Planetary DAO made waves around the swamp today after it officially made an offer on the Golden Key from the DooKey Dash.

After the UPDAO community voted in favor of a proposal to place a bid on the top ranked Sewer Pass yesterday, the DAO officially made a 690 Eth or $1,141,000 USD offer on the asset.

“BREAKING NEWS: #UPDAO MAKES A 690 ETH BID ON THE GOLDEN KEY,” the DAO tweeted on Thursday. “@Mongraal, THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT.@BoredApeYC, LFG!!! #DooKeyDash.”

Following the DAO’s offer, Pixel Vault Founder, GFunk took to Twitter and congratulated all the “Sickos” in the Pixel Vault ecosystem.

At the time of this article’s publication, it is unclear if Mongraal will accept the UPDAO’s 690 Eth offer. Currently, Mongraal has the #1 ranked Sewer Pass listed for 2,222 Eth or $3,650,000 USD.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, professional Fortnite player and Youtuber, Mongraal, won the DooKey Dash earlier this month and earned the coveted key that used to be lodged inside Jimmy the Monkey’s butthole.

"Many have dashed, more have dookey’d, but one person arrived," the BAYC tweeted on February 15th. “Congratulations to @Mongraal, the Key is yours!”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Golden Key and will let you know if Mongraal accepts the UPDAO’s offer. Stay tuned for updates!

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