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ON THE BALLOT: Special Council Member BoredApeG Wants To Get $Ape Stakers Voting At The DAO

ApeCoin DAO Special Council Member BoredApeG has three Ape Improvement Proposals on the ballot this week that aim to turn $Ape stakers on various protocols into ApeCoin DAO contributors.

AIPs-309,310, and 311 titled ‘Allow for ApeCoin staked in ParaSpace, BendDAO, and Jpeg’d protocols to be counted for voting power,’ are Process Proposals written by ApeCoin DAO Special Council Member, BoredApeG.

“ApeCoin DAO members have the right to vote, and this right should not be limited by the ApeCoin staking protocol one wishes to use,” BoredApeG wrote. “By supporting this AIP, we can help more users to participate in governance activities and have a say in the future of the DAO.”

In BoredApeG's proposal, he explained that as of March 13, 2023, a total of 16,100,000 $Ape had been staked across ParaSpace, BendDAO, and Jpeg'd. This meant that there were 16,100,000 $Ape tokens that could not be cast in the DAO's weekly votes.

If AIPs-309, 310, and 311 are passed, these proposals will not cost the DAO anything and the Ape Foundation will work with ParaSpace, BendDAO, and Jpeg’d to find way to let their Stakers vote.

“Ape Foundation will take reasonable steps to determine the appropriateness of ParaSpace, BendDAO, and Jpeg’D’s staked ApeCoin to be counted as voting power in ApeCoin governance activities,” BoredApeG wrote. “Important considerations include but are not limited to the following: Ensuring no aggregators in voting power (e.g. ensuring the protocol operators do not control the voting power) Proving that ultimate ownership is not centralized (i.e. voting represents individual wallet owners only).”

The window to vote on these three proposals is currently open and ApeCoin DAO contributors have until next Wednesday, September 20th, to cast their coins and vote on these AIPs.

$Apes can read BoredApeG’s three proposals here:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about AIPs 309,310, and 311 and will bring you an interview with BoredApeG later this week. Stay tuned for updates!

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