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ON THE BALLOT: This AIP Hopes To Make An $Ape Hub On Find Out More About AIP-349:

There is an Ape Improvement Proposal on the ballot this week that aims to make it easier for those in the broader crypto community to keep up with $Ape-related content and events!

AIP-349 titled ‘ApeCoin Events Hub on,’ is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal written by ApeCoin DAO contributor and Crypto Nomads Club Founder Strawberry.

“There is currently a gap between the NFT/creative/community crowd & and the developer, builder & investor crowd within the crypto community,” Strawberry wrote. “A dedicated section for ApeCoin holders and lurkers within will promote ApeCoin-related events and bring an understanding of the different ApeCoin initiatives."

For those who are unfamiliar with, Strawberry described the website as the go to place for IRL crypto events.

“Hundreds of crypto native professionals in the industry use the app daily, alongside the top Crypto Projects, Protocols, and VC firms to help make an informed decision on their next IRL event,” they wrote. “Since its February 2023 launch, there have been over 5000 recorded crypto events on the platform.”

To make this $Ape hub on Cryptoevent’s platform, Strawberry has asked the ApeCoin DAO to allocate $20,000 USD worth of $Ape to this proposal.

“The creation of a dedicated events page for ApeCoin holders on, as well as the prominent display of the ApeCoin DAO logo as a company attending main events will benefit the ApeCoin community by enhancing visibility, fostering engagement, and promoting cross-community collaboration within the web3 ecosystem,” Strawberry wrote.

The window to vote on AIP-349 is currently open and ApeCoin DAO Contributors have until next Wednesday, December 6th, to cast their coins.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about and why it’s the right platform to showcase $Ape. Stay tuned for updates!

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