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ON THE BALLOT: This AIP Wants To Make Pet Toys That Reward $Apes' Furry Frens With $Ape

This Ape Improvement Proposal aims to transform playtime into payday with its crypto pet toys that reward man’s four legged frens with $Apes' favorite coin!

AIP-352 titled ‘ ApeCoin Pets and toys,’ is brand decision proposal written by ApeCoin DAO Contributor Xavierfreeway.

“A pioneering venture, “ApeCoin Pets” marries the realms of cryptocurrency and pet entertainment, Xavierfreeway wrote. “ Our advanced toys not only engage pets physically and mentally but also reward them with ApeCoins based on their interaction. We are appealing to the APE Community to champion and publicize ApeCoin Pets on a global scale.”

In AIP-352, Xavierfreeway laid out a revenue-sharing plan, where the DAO would receive 99% of ApeCoin Pets revenue, with 25% of those funds being used for token buybacks.

“Given our connections with major retailers and the uniqueness of our offering, we conservatively estimate annual revenues of $480k in the first year in retailers,” Xavierfreeway wrote. “This means an estimated $475k (specific percentage is 99%) will flow back to the DAO, ensuring both a return on investment and sustained community support.”

Xavierfreeway did not provide any images of test products or sample toys in his proposal but he did say that he can get those for the community soon.

In total, Xavierfreeway is asking the DAO to allocate $250,000 USD worth of $Ape to AIP-352. If passed, Xavierfreeway expects to have ApeCoin Pets toys on the market in 12 next 12 months.



The window to vote on AIP-352 is currently open and $Apes have until Thursday, February 1st, to cast their coins.


$Apes can read Xavierfreeway’s full proposal here:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about AIP-352 and why Xavierfreeway is the right $Ape to make ApeCoin Pets! Stay tuned for updates!

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