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ON THE BALLOT: Wreck League Wants To Host An ApeCoin Sponsored Tournament& Award 50K $Ape In Prizes!

Let's get ready to rumble! Three months after Animoca Brands and nWay Play announced their $Ape-powered player vs. player fighting game, Wreck League, the game's founder has submitted an Ape Improvement Proposal this week, asking the DAO to approve an ApeCoin Wreck League tournament and fund a $50,000 $Ape prize pool!

AIP-338 titled ‘The First ApeCoin Sponsored Competitive E-Sports Tournament with Wreck League’ By ApeCoin DAO Contributor and nWayPlay CEO and Co-Founder, TK.

“The objective of this proposal is to raise awareness of $APE among traditional gamers by showcasing $APE as the official currency in a professional competitive esports tournament–the Wreck League ApeCoin Tournament–featuring grand prizes designated in $APE,” TK wrote. “This will demonstrate $APE’s utility as a gaming currency, while also rewarding thousands of ApeCoin community members who already use their NFT mechs to fight in Wreck League battles.

For those who are unfamiliar with Wreck League, it's a player-vs.-player fighting game created by Animcoa Brands and nWayPlay. In the game, users customize their fighting robots and battle to the death in mech melee combat! During the game's launch in August, TK wrote that 7,500 new wallets joined the $Ape ecosystem. This AIP is all about building upon that initial success and highlighting $Ape to gamers.

“We are asking the ApeCoin community to approve the organization of the Wreck League ApeCoin Tournament and to allocate grand prizes in the total amount of 50,000 $APE to be distributed among the winners of this first, and certainly not last, competitive esports tournament using $APE as the official tournament awards token,” he wrote.

If AIP-338 passes, TK proposes that the ApeCoin tournament take place from December 6 to 12, with the top 150 finishers winning $Ape rewards. The first-place finisher will receive 18,000 $Ape, and the 150th-place finisher will receive 50 $Ape. Checkout the tournament's prize scale below:

The window to vote on AIP-338 is currently open and ApeCoin DAO Contributors have until Wednesday, November 1st, to cast their coins and vote on this proposal.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about this proposed tournament and the impact it will have on the DAO. Stay tuned for updates!

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