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ONBOARDING CONTEST: Applied Primate Engineering Wants You To Join The Laboratory Find Out How:

Something is brewing at Applied Primate Engineering and the laboratory wants you to be a part of it.

This Wednesday the company, that has made waves around the swamp because it owns six Mega Mutant Apes, is set to kick off its “onboarding” competition.

“Onboarding is the free mint of our Keycard NFT, which will be the key to participate in all of the lore and games we are developing around our six Mega Mutants,” Applied Primate Engineering told the Bored Ape Gazette.

To obtain an Applied Primate Engineering keycard, users will need to join the Applied Primate Engineering’s Discord and complete a set of puzzles.

“In-world it is a process of “employee onboarding” to bring new A.P.E. lab recruits into the fold led by the HR (Hominid Resources) department,” Applied Primate Engineering said. “To mint a Keycard, users will have to complete a set of puzzles that will be dropped over a three-day period starting on Wednesday (November 16). Everyone who completes the puzzles will get a Keycard until we run out of the 2,222-max supply.”

Along with the free key card mint, Applied Primate Engineering applicants are also competing to win a lab coat Mutant Ape and two Otherdeeds.

To take part in Applied Primate Engineering’s onboarding process, users need to join the group’s Discord here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Applied Primate Engineering’s onboarding process and the story around the company’s six Mega Mutant Apes. Stay tuned for updates!

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