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OP-ED: MAYC Member RingleaderRoman Shared His Thoughts On The New AIP Staking Proposals:

It has been over a month since the original staking proposals went up for a vote and we have yet to reach a consensus. The good news is we have two new staking proposals scheduled to be opened up for voting this Thursday, AIP-21 and AIP-22. Let’s take a look at each below.


This proposal is very similar to the original AIP-4, with the addition of a cap per NFT equal to 1x the initial airdropped amount.

These caps are straight-forward and make a ton of sense. Hence, they seem to be generally agreed upon by the community.

In addition, the proposed timeline was reduced from the original 16–20 weeks down to 12–16. This was nice to see after the community pushed back on the long, original timeline.

I envision this proposal passing when voting opens up.

Roman’s Verdict: Approve


This proposal is a bit more controversial, centered around the proposed allocation ratio between the three NFTs (BAYC, MAYC, and BAKC). I understand the ratio laid out in AIP-22 is the same as what it was when Apecoin first dropped, but a lot has changed since then and will continue to change. For instance, when Apecoin first dropped, the ratio between BAYC and MAYC was about 5 : 1. If you look at today’s floor prices, it is about 3.5 : 1.

Now, I’m not necessarily saying to take the current ratio either, because maybe OG apes run up again after more details of the Otherside come out. Then, we are looking at the same situation in reverse where OGs are rightfully looking for the ratio to be adjusted once again.

Instead, can’t we have the pool allocation ratio be some kind of average price of the previous quarter like the subsequent staking periods following the initial one are being proposed to use? This is the most logical and fair solution to me. I will personally be voting no on AIP-22 with a request to have this ratio calculation be used instead.

Roman’s Verdict: Disapprove

Have an opinion and want to share it with the club? Be sure to DM the Bored Ape Gazette, we'd love to publish your op-ed!

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