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Podcaster Joe Rogan Recently Discussed NFTs And The BAYC On His Show. All The Details Here:

One of the world’s most popular podcasters recently discussed the Bored Ape Yacht Club as millions of his fans listened in.

Comedian Joe Rogan discussed the BAYC with his guest, Patrick Bet-David, on his daily podcast show, The Joe Rogan Experience on September 23rd.

The BAYC discussion started as Rogan, his producer Jamie Vernon and Bet-David talked about crypto currency and the podcast host thoughts on it and NFTs. Later, Jamie pulled up a photo of Bored Ape #2643 and explained that the primate was a part of the BAYC collection.

Bored ape #2643 is a six trait brown fur ape with a stunt jacket, irish boho hat and a nice gold grill mouth. Bored Ape #2643 is currently listed for 99.69 Eth or roughly $340,000 USD at the time of Rogan’s show.

“That image is worth $340K, Rogan said in a shocked ton. “I don’t understand.”

Jamie then showed Rogan a tweet from Snoop Dog where the rapper previously asked to about getting an ape. “ So who sendn that ape,” Snoop Dogg tweeted. “My shit better have all gold everything.”

Rogan laughed at Snoop Dogg’s tweet but still did not seem to understand NFTs or the BAYC. “Here’s my problem, I can have that photo, and I can have it on my phone, he said.”

The point Rogan brought up is a popular argument that many NFT skeptical people have been saying to NFT holders for a while . Many in the NFT community have dubbed it the right click save argument. This line of thinking usually travels hand in hand with the it’s not a tangible asset argument.

While some NFT enthusiast were quick to grill Rogan for his opinion, many in the community saw the interview as a positive and think the host’s opinion on NFTs is a normal initial reaction.

“The first response after learning about NFT's. It's natural,” Wicked Cranium member Laserz tweeted. “Then you get smacked by it again and fall into a deep hole you never want to climb out of ever again.”

Educating those who are new to the NFT space is vital to its growth going forward. Earlier this week, Entrepreneur and Vee Friends Creator, Gary Vaynerchuk posted a video where he explained digital ownership.

“But you can’t physically touch or feel a blue check on Instagram,” he said. “I don’t walk around with a blue check tattooed on my forehead, yet everybody sees it. You can’t see my 9 million followers on Instagram or can you? I would argue, the reverse. People can’t see most of the fancy things you have in your house, that other people can see more of your assets in a digital form than they can in real life. And that’s the ah ha, that’s going through your head right now.”

Vaynerchuk may have to go on Rogan’s show and explain all this to him. But for now, it seems like it may be a while until Rogan joins the BAYC or the NFT community. But that doesn’t mean that NFT collectors aren’t enjoying his opinion on the space. One NFT collector has minted 100 NFTs commemorating the podcasters comments.

BAYC member, DanielGotHits minted 100 copies of a screenshot from Rogan’s show where the podcaster confusingly looks at Bored Ape 2643. “Joe Rogan's first discovery of the Bored Ape Yacht Club on September 23rd, 2021, Daniel wrote in the items description. “This might be one of the most iconic "right click save" moments in history.”

Currently, the item has 78 owners and has a floor price of .14 Eth or $410.26 USD. If you’re interested in checking out the listing, check out the link below:

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