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PORTAL PURCHASE: Nobody.Eth Just Bought 1 Of Only 10 Otherside Portal Pieces For $142K

As Voyagers get ready to break on through to the Otherside for the second trip next month, this Nobody aped into an Otherdeed that’s home to one of only 10 Otherside portal pieces!

On Monday, Nobody.Eth purchased Otherdeed #70127 for 95 Eth or $142,000 USD.

Otherdeed #70127 is a four-star Jungle environment Otherdeed on Rainbow Atmos sediment with a Kinsoul resource and a Portal Piece artifact.

“A wonderful artifact for a good price,” Nobody tweeted after the purchase. “@EB& @sen_eth did it again! Thanks a lot!!”

At this time, we do not know what the Portal Piece artifacts do, but we do know that its rare. In total, there are 10 Portal Pieces scattered across the Otherside, according to Opensea data.

Further, we know that two of the ten portal pieces are owned by Yuga Labs, according to Opensea data.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about these portal pieces and will continue to follow Nobody.Eth’s purchases. Stay tuned for updates.

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