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PROBABLY NOTHING: ImprobleIo Will Be Doing An Impromptu Metaverse Event On May 21st.

After the success of ImprobableIo’s impromptu metaverse event in April, the company’s CEO, Herman Narula, announced that he and his team will be doing another event later this month; but it’s probably nothing.

“Next Sunday the 21st @RJFWhite and me are going to be doing nothing in particular and you definitely shouldn’t be near a chrome browser with a decent connection on that day and even if we do something it probably won’t work and probably won’t have a special guest,” Narula tweeted in this afternoon.

“Under no circumstances get hyped,” he tweeted following his post.

While we do not know what Narula and his team have planned for their metaverse experience on the 21st, users probably won’t want to check it out based on the company’s last event.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Narula and ImprobableIo held a last second metaverse demonstration in early April 2023.

During the event, users got to experience more of ImprobableIo’s m2 tech. This is the same technology that the company is using to build the Otherside and other metaverses!

Several Bored Ape Yacht Club members attended the event and were blown away by what Narula and his team are building.

“Something MAGICAL just happened in the metaverse, @HermanNarula & @RJFWhite just blew my mind,” BAYC member BaronVonHustle tweeted on April 2nd after the event. “I am so happy that @OthersideMeta is being built by @Improbableio because this is going to be game changing! Once we can all build whatever we want on command in the metaverse, I may never come out.”

VonHustle wasn’t the only BAYC member who spoke highly of ImprobleIo’s event last month. The Grateful Show’s Grateful Ape commented that the event was “epic.”

“Big Party during @MSquared_io tech test,” he tweeted. “DJ Grateful in da house. [SOUND ON] Thank you @HermanNarula and @RJFWhite, for this epic experience.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will be attending ImprobableIo’s event later this month and will continue to follow all things Otherside. Stay tuned for updates!

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