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PROTOCOL PURCHASES: Flooring Lab Bought 10 CryptoPunks For $1.2M USD Last Night!

CryptoPunks were pumping late last night as the NFT liquidity company Flooring Lab added 10 of the pixelated PFPs to its portfolio, spending over $1.2 million USD!


On Wednesday, Wallet 0xE5eC8fbe32F8B4aF3681C11e6A57A248B1e0fa4e AKA cryptopunks.liquidity.flooringlab.eth purchased 10 CryptoPunks for 542.359 Eth or $1,219,256 USD!


Take a look at the protocol’s pickups below:

For those who are unfamiliar with Flooring Lab, it is a web3 business created by notable BAYC member and NFT collector FreeLunchCaptial, that’s mission is to make NFTs more accessible.


“Floor Protocol aims to address this divide by making NFTs more liquid to increase accessibility,” Flooring Lab’s whitepaper states. “Our mission is establishing balance by lowering barriers to entry. We believe NFTs should be the premier speculative assets available to all. By fragmenting and democratizing access, we maximize intrinsic value. Our goal is positioning NFTs as the most vibrant and inclusive asset class.”


Following last night’s Punk purchases, cryptopunks.liquidity.flooringlab.eth now holds 23 CryptoPunks, which they have wrapped in Yuga Labs’ new C721 contract, including a high-end Zombie Punk!


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Flooring Lab and will let you know when they purchase more Punks or Yuga Labs assets. Stay tuned for updates!

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