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Pudgy Penguins CCO Found Himself At The Center Of A Mutant Ape Mosh Pit At Fuck It Saturday!

Pudgy Penguins Chief Commercial Officer, Chef Goyardi, left the safety of his igloo and huddle behind for the weekend to attend ‘Fuck It Saturday’ and found himself at the center of a Mutant Mosh pit!

The BAYC and broader Yugaverse came together in Miami last weekend to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the insane Mutant Apes, and things were anything but boring!

During the event, the ‘Trap Lord’ himself, Asap Ferg, took the stage and noticed Chef Goyardi trying to cook up some hype and start a mosh pit.

“Ferg wasn’t too hyped how the crowd was responding so I wanted to get a mosh pit going,” Goyardi told the Gazette. “He saw me trying and then helped me set it up.”

And help Goyardi ASAP Ferg did.

The rapper stopped in the middle of his song and pointed out Goyardi, who was holding a cigar in one hand and egging on the community on with the other, and told the Apes to rush him.

“Yo, you bro raise your hand like this,” Ferg said. “He’s the only guy in the middle. When this bitch drops one the count of three, I need everyone to rush him. Don’t be scared we in Miami. In the count of three, I’m counting on y’all. One. Two. One Two Three!”

On Ferg’s count, the base dropped and the Mutants Aped in on Goyardi.

"The mutants almost killed our CCO last night @chefgoyardi," Pudgy Penguins Owner and CEO Luca Netz tweeted after the event!

While Netz, joked about Goyardi’s safety, the Pudgy Penguins CCO told the paper that he’s been at the center of mosh pits before and that this one wasn’t bad. “I have been before, definitely way crazier at other events lol,” he said.

While Goyardi’ has seen crazier mosh pits, BAYC member Josh Ong was just happy to see Goyardi and his cigar in one piece afterwards!

“I stood on the side watching, a bit worried for his safety, but he popped back up after a minute with both his spine and cigar intact,” Ong tweeted in a thread.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working on other Fuck It Saturday stories and will be bringing you recap coverage of the event all week. Stay tuned for updates!

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